Angela Lenman

Discipline: Batik

Batik is a form of wax resist whereby hot wax is applied to cloth, which is then covered with dye. The wax will resist the dye and, therefore, a simple pattern is created. By the repeated application of the wax, followed by repeated applications of dyes, in various colours, a complicated pattern can be built up, and indeed a picture or painting.

A member of the Batik Guild, I have been working in batik for over 30 years. My earliest work was figurative, on cotton, exploring the way the image slowly emerges through the application of alternate layers of wax and dye. 

More recently I experiment with all kinds of paper, using bleach to discharge the colours as well as applying dyes.  The resulting work is more abstract, and different papers are sometimes combined to form a collage.

I travel widely and am always drawn to semi-derelict buildings.  Using successive layers of dyes and discharge enables me to achieve the shapes and colours of crumbling bricks, peeling walls, rusting paintwork, the haunting aura of past splendour.

Tel: 07747 797 345