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Jackie Faris - Designer/maker in silver

Starting out

Jackie closed the door on her career in education in 2010 and started learning to design and make in silver. Throughout her career she had always aimed to be an inspiring teacher and was lucky enough to find one to help her develop her skills and knowledge as a silversmith. That teacher was and still is an unbelievably talented master silversmith herself, and as a member of Goldsmiths set the bar high for Jackie.

From the first moment she stepped inside the workshop Jackie felt an instant rush from all the tools hanging around the walls and a great desire to understand how she could use them to work in silver for herself. Her teacher/mentor taught Jackie that working with this precious metal is truly an art form, combining architecture and structure as well as sculpture, and it is these three elements that she emotionally engages with now, and finds the most pleasing.

Jackie’s photo collection of her work since 2013 shows a clear development of her style. Her technical accomplishments enable both the creativity that she now employs and the joy that she takes from working with silver to create unique pieces.

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Jackie says that she is still a work in progress and as such her aim is to continue to learn from the talented silver and goldsmith’s community that is in the U.K. Her chosen craft, combined with a burgeoning knowledge of the technical aspects of working in precious metals, will remain in the service of her art.

She aspires always to be open to new ideas and possibilities within the field of metalsmithing and she is continually reminded that skill based learning, and the traditional methods she has acquired and continues to acquire, are irreplaceable.


Jackie’s joy is in creating new pieces, mainly in jewellery, and in learning from the processes involved. But she is always happy to have an opportunity to work closely with individual clients to create a bespoke, personal piece.

Jackie Faris MA (Ed)

Jackie's work can be seen at The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen Gallery, Milford, Surrey.

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