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Workshops at Wisley Arts Fest 2017

The sixteen members who have joined forces to demonstrate and sell at the 2017 Wisley Arts Fest on July 15th and 16th are already gearing up for the event.  Wisley draws in hundreds of visitors over a weekend, so as you can imagine, a good deal of stock is needed – just to be sure!

In addition, many of the members are preparing materials to allow visitors the chance to try their hand at some of our crafts – all sorts of things will be possible, from machine stitching to laying out glass or running a few lines of machine knitting.  

There will also be four members running short drop-in workshops. These will only cost £5-6.00 each and no advance booking is necessary – just drop by and see if there’s room. And apologies from us all in advance if you have to wait a bit for your turn!

Those offering workshops are

Linda Connelly, whose beautiful enamelled jewellery and gifts are well known to visitors to the Surrey Guild’s gallery in Milford. She will be demonstrating how her kiln helps her turn out these pretty works of art and you can see what your own efforts yield!

Alison Catchlove who works in metal - bending, welding and painting beautiful birds, insects and flowers for both indoor and outdoor decoration.  She is putting together a small project for visitors to try.

Nancy Shafee who makes felted gifts and decorative items in brightly coloured felt.  Visitors can try their hand at a simple wet-felting flower to take home, or just make a multi-coloured square piece of felt to use as a drinks mat! 

Jane Henderson whose beautiful tactile pebbles are so well suited to the Wisley setting will be offering visitors a chance to get a bit messy!  You can try making a small pinch-pot with her patient instruction.

Please note:  All workshops and have-a-go opportunities are suitable for over 12s or at the discretion of the exhibitor.

The group at Wisley will include six designers in textiles, five in jewellery, one member working in metals and one in glass, and three ceramicists. As well as the workshops above, many will be offering visitors the opportunity to 'have a go' at the crafts on display.

Over the weeks prior to the event, there will be lots of additional information and pictures about the members involved on our Facebook page.          

Members taking part:

Jewellery:  Ruth Winchester, Dani Crompton, Linda Connelly, Alexandra Simpson, Gabriella Sellors

Textiles: Susan Holton, Nancy Shafee, Carolyn Wallis, Louise Bell, Fee Fraser, Tanya Williamson

Ceramics: Alan Wallis, Justine Munson, Jane Henderson

Glass: Linda Scott-Cerins

Metal: Alison Catchlove