Camilla Whybrow

Discipline: Jewellery

I took up knitting and crocheting when I was a child, and I have always loved making things. As time went by I put my artistic leanings to one side and chose a career in computers, and later went on to raise a family. My children have now grown up and no longer need my time, so I decided five years ago to return to my creative work, and began making jewellery - using my knitting and crocheting skills to make a different type of jewellery.

I love to create new ways of using different threads, wire and beads and to juxtapose different colours in my jewellery. Choosing colour combinations is exciting as well as therapeutic. Inspiration comes from all around me, whether I'm walking through the woods and fields, by the sea, with my dogs, down the high street, through the shops, or looking at the new season's clothes.

I have recently taken up Japanese Braiding (Kumihimo) to add to my jewellery skills. This offers another way of using different textured threads and beads, adding a vast array of techniques and colour combinations to create interesting pieces of jewellery. The colours and effects are endless.

Everything I make is a one-off and is never repeated: each piece is unique to the person who buys it.



  • The Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh

  • The Gallery Craft Shop, Guildford

  • Surrey Guild Gallery, Milford


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