Caroline Wiltshire (Beau Bella)

Discipline: Jewellery

I'm Caroline and I'm the owner, designer and creator at Beau Bella Jewellery. I handmake all the jewellery at my studio based in Reigate, Surrey

I specialise in beadweaving, wirework and silversmithing, using mainly hand tools such as pliers, hammers, needles, thread and my fingers! My materials include sparkly Swarovski crystals, Czech beads, seed beads, semi-precious gemstones, silver, copper and coloured wires. Many of my jewellery pieces are unique, one of a kind items.

My jewellery range includes pretty flower necklaces, earrings and bracelets, created using Czech glass beads and seed beads. Czech beads are available in an ever changing variety of colours and shapes and I love experimenting with the latest beads and incorporating them into new designs! 

I also produce a variety of rustic and colourful wirework bracelets, based on an ancient Anglo-Saxon Norse weaving technique known as Viking Knit (also called Trichinopoloy Chain). It is believed to date back to 8th-10th centuries, when Anglo-Saxon Norse used it for decorative purposes, such as necklaces, bracelets or trimming clothes (examples have been found in archaeological digs and graves). The end result looks similar to a string of French knitting, but instead the wire is worked around a mandrel or dowel and then pulled through a drawplate to achieve a compact and even finish.

In addition to creating jewellery, I also contribute tutorials to 'Making Jewellery' magazine


Galleries/Outlets/Social Media

My jewellery is available for sale at the Surrey Guild Gallery in Milford. I also sell online through Etsy at and via my website at 

You can often find me at local craft markets and events, please follow me on social media for further details:

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