Dani Crompton Designs

I am a designer with a fascination for colour and materials, I love to combine precious metals with ancient fine beading techniques from around the world, paper recycling, acrylic and more to create original and bold designs both in jewellery and home accessories. Beading enables me to indulge my love of colour and three dimensional design through structured geometric forms, while my work in recycled paper has allowed me to explore more organic, fluid creations. The real fun starts when these elements are combined. I am pleased to offer collections of handmade jewellery and sculptural home wares as well as a personal one to one bespoke design service. My unique and distinctive mixed media designs are for men and women who, like me, want to make a statement both out and about and in their home.

Galleries/Outlets:                                                                                                                                         Mine Gallery - Carshalton,                                                                                                                         Lovers Lights - Twickenham,
Surrey Guild Gallery - Milford
Contact Info:
Name - Dani Fahy
Tel - 0208 540 4599 / 07958920250
email - info@danicromptondesigns.co.uk
web - www.danicromptondesigns.co.uk
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Address - 171 Hillcross Avenue, Morden, SM4 4AZ