Jacqueline A Faris

Discipline: Designer Maker in Silver

Precious Metals

I work mainly in silver, fine silver and 18ct gold. Each piece I create is rewarding to work on and requires the utmost attention, but nevertheless I am constantly amazed by the ability these precious metals have to interpret my creations into structure, form, texture and also colour.

As a general rule I don't draw plans because my vision for the pieces I am working on at any given time, goes directly into the metal, but it will always involve hand finishes through filing, hammering or sanding which all reveal the different shades of the metal underneath.

My thoughts on Inspiration

I am a regular visitor to botanical gardens worldwide, and using a macro lense on my camera I photograph plant, flower structures, and also seed pods, bringing these images to life as a source of inspiration for my work.

I hope that:

My work will always be distinctive, but it will also evolve and change, as I continue to hone the skills of silversmithing. For me the learning and developing of my discipline is for life.

Jacqueline Faris MA (Ed)


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