Jenefer Ham

Discipline: Kiln-formed glass and lamp work

Jenefer creates distinctive, vibrant glass to adorn your home and enhance your wardrobe.

She has always been fascinated by glass. She discovered kiln-forming in 2002 and right away knew that was it for her. Four years ago, she branched out into lampworking, using the same glass but melting it directly in a flame in order to make jewellery and figurines.

A constant in her work is that each piece is created from a delicious mixture of glass shades, the colours intermingling and overlapping to make what is a unique and individual piece.

Mainly self-taught over the past 14 years, and formerly a graphic designer, she found it exciting to transfer her knowledge of the principles of good design to glass. In contrast to sitting at a computer, she enjoys “getting her hands dirty,” receiving immense satisfaction from the physicality of creating.

Her pieces are created by layering and melting together many shapes and colours of glass in a purpose-built kiln, which heats the glass to its fusing point at 800° C. Most pieces go through several cycles in the kiln, as more layers of glass are added, or she uses diamond-coated grinding tools to shape the glass, then re-fires. Pieces sometimes spend a week in the kiln!

Lampworking is even more 'hands-on' as she forms and sculpts the glass while it’s molten!


Name: Jenefer Ham
Email: studio@j
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