Linda Connelly

Discipline: Enamel jewellery and decorative pieces

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by glass and jewellery. When my husband bought home an old enamelling kiln from a junk shop, I quickly became seduced by the compelling combination of colour and texture that can be achieved with enamels. Blending and shading different enamels to build up veils of colour in order to convey mood and feeling, never fails to provoke a feeling of excitement and anticipation, as no two pieces are ever completely identical. Each piece develops over a succession of firings, typically anything from six to more than a dozen. I use a variety of techniques ranging from traditional skills like cloisonné and champlevé to more experimental techniques that I have developed using sgraffito and liquid enamels. I welcome commissions and will be delighted to discuss with you the designing and making of a special piece.

Inspiration comes from the vibrant colours and spectacular architecture that I saw in India, and the natural world, particularly pebbles and fossils. I interpret these in a contemporary way with simple lines and shapes for the 21st century. 

I am a member of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen, the Guild of Enamellers and the British Society of Enamellers.

Other Info:
Work in Surrey Guild Gallery, Milford; Guildford House Gallery, High Street, Guildford; Lovers Lights, Church Street, Twickenham

Linda Connelly
07548 621014

21 Harewood Gardens
Surrey CR2 9BU