Martin Tyler

Discipline: Ceramics

I love expressing myself through working with clay by hand and on the potter’s wheel. I also draw and paint and I make use of the sketchbooks I have filled during more than 40 years as sources of inspiration for my work in clay. Each piece is hand-made, glazed and decorated, making it a unique piece of art. I make my own glazes from materials including local clay and wood ash. These are applied when the work is still damp and all my pottery is fired just once. Decoration makes use of sgraffito, paper and brushwork resist, combing and sprigging and colour is often introduced through the use of clay slips. I fire to 1280°C in a reducing atmosphere which enables my work to include for example copper red in the glazes.

I enjoy welcoming people to my studio informally and through Surrey Artists’ Open Studios, acting as a visiting artist in a school and exhibiting my work at galleries in and around Surrey. I am happy to discuss commissions. Please contact me:

Phone: 07763 023044