Ruth Winchester (DoodlePippin)

Discipline: Jewellery / Mixed Media / Homewares

I'm Ruth, and I’m a polymer artist based in Reigate, just outside London. I live with my husband Dave, sons Charlie (10) and Tom (7), and a huge labradoodle called Woody, who is usually mooching around my garden studio, getting in the way.

I work mainly in polymer, although I’m also starting to include sterling silver, which complements polymer beautifully. I run regular polymer workshops and classes (see my website below for details) and I'm on the steering group of the London Polymer Clay Group.

I have always been drawn to the rich pattern and vibrant colour of polymer, and I love organic shapes and textures. My pieces are often described as "William Morris-esque". It’s a miraculously versatile medium, and allows artists to "borrow" lots of techniques from other disciplines, including Italian glasswork, Japanese sword-making, and quilting.

I mostly use the 'millefiori' technique, which is very ancient indeed -  millefiori beads were found in the viking burial in Sutton Hoo, dating back to the 6th Century.

Due to the unpredictable nature of millefiori ‘caning’, it is impossible to recreate a pattern exactly, so most of my pieces are produced as single items or as short runs of 2 or 3. Once a cane is used up, it’s gone forever!  

This can be frustrating when you’ve made something beautiful, so I’m developing a line of digital patterns from my designs (for use on fabric, paper, wallpaper etc) to provide something a bit more repeatable. 

I was accepted as a member of the Surrey Guild in 2016.

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